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“An Hour & A Half”


Dear Ellipsis,

“Happy, joyful, gleeful, glad, and laughter,”such easy words to saysimple concepts of life connected to that feeling of being pleased, contentedfulfilled. Multiply those feelings tenfold and you get words like “overjoyed, thrilled, delighted, euphoric, jubilant,  and my personal favorite, cloud 9”. Diverse these words may be, I can’t quite say that they could fully describe the feeling that’s in my chest right now. I haven’t felt this kind of “doki doki” in years. No this is not romantic love like you or most of them would think. It’s not that kind of happiness you feel when you see your crush, or when you receive or acquire something you have always wanted. This isn’t even that kind of happiness that’d make you think you could do anything like conquer that world or cure world hunger. Deep those kinds of happiness may be, they still pale to the“fuzziness”inside me right now. It’s so much more than thatso much more than the every day mundane happiness you might experience..”Elated”now that’s an understatement.

(let’s out a long siiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhhhh)

right now, I’m actually tryin’ to force myself not to fall asleep, for fear that I may lose thisthisfeeling, and ultimately lose my chance of writing about it with as much force, power and verb as I do now.

Is this how Atlas, the Greek Titan, felt when Hercules relieved him of carrying the heavens on his shoulders after so long a burden? How Pinocchio felt that being loved is more important than being a real boy? How king Solomon of old composed one of the most beautiful songs in written history? How the Israelites felt in their exodus from Egypt after 400 years of slavery? Such mixed emotions of love, relief, inspiration, security, hope, joy and other feelings beyond possible description in text or writing?

I close my eyes and savor every waking minute of this feeling warming my spirit. For a few minutes, here I am, given a window of opportunity into a hopeful world where everything can and will be better. A world, where I can never be alone, where there is always someone out there who’ll lend a hand, two if necessary.

I’ve never felt so weightless, so unfettered by this world’s cruelties and limitations. I’ve never felt so safe, so relieved that somehow, everything is going to be better, and starting now, they already are. Every breath I take feels like fresh water being poured on my heart and mind. It’s like my very soul and spirit are bathed with pure untainted…bliss…being satiated and hungered for more and the same time.

In the wake of all things in the universe going taciturn, I start listenin’ to Bach, than Satie BarberPachelbelMozartBocelliBeethoven. I close my eyes again, this time letting the music sink in, down to the very depths of ME. Every note, a refreshment; every octave and diapason, like slices of heaven; every line, just pure tear-jerking bliss. Am I being given a glimpse of that very much sought after feeling we’ve all been lookin for

Before 11:50pm, I could have sworn my weekend couldn’t have gotten any better, and then some. I continually look at the photos I have taken and I’m still taken abackthis surely couldn’t get any better. But it did, and that day, there was no sweeter voice, an hour and a half went by fast, a New York minute, if I may. It was likean assurancea guarantee per se, that no matter how severely pushed I am into the state of a pariah, there will always be someone, pulling me back keeping me sane. And she knows I’m grateful (another understatement, I apologize), not just for the sweetest voice I’ve heard all night (week, month or year), but for the people whom she calls familymy 2nd familyyou cannot imagine the joy in typing those last few sentencesthe warmth it bringsthe tears of happiness as I contemplate this whole weekend. Now I can truly say”this couldn’t get any better”, but I hope I’m proven wrong again.

The winds have changedI’ve Changed.


Pre-Cloud 9

Dear Ellipses,

D’ya Miss me? Just got back from a 3-day, 2-night trip…heavenly…just what i needed before startin’ school again…gonna be postin’ pics soon!

Here’s a little somethin to look forward to 🙂  :

click the pic for full view

Quote / Joke of the Day

Quote / Joke of the Day


Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere, wholeheartedly, one-directionally, without regret or reservation.
-William H. Sheldon

A doctor broke the bad news to a man, that his wife would have to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. “I’m afraid her mind’s completely gone,” he said. “Makes sense,” mumbled the man. “She’s been giving me a piece of it every day for the last 15 years.”

General Blah Blah

Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine?

As if we haven’t said or heard it enough,”It’s So Freakin Hot! The Philippines is turning into some kind of oven”. That kind of old school oven that actually has fire inside for makin old school bread or pizzapizzapizza.

UghMotor Functions ceasinglungs collapsingeyes dryingbrain cells frying

Not wanting to add to our increasing electric bill, I’m forced to endure this freak-of-nature-weather. Actually, it’s so hot that I’m beginning to miss the weather back in Saudi Arabia. Yes, it’s two times hotter over there, but the humidity isn’t as bad as it is here. That’s actually the culprit isn’t it…humidity. It has the power of turning our bodies into temporary sweat machines.

I dream of a cold Javanilla, cold grande coffee based caramel frappuccinommmAnyone Interested? Speaking of anyone, I’d like to thank my loyal reader, Astrid Acielo, i know you’re responsible for the “1” views if my posts don’t reach their record post view of 5;

It’s not really about the views, or the number of people who can see my daily rants. It’s actually more of, me, getting these thoughts out. It’s distracts my immune system from shutting down due to this cruel weather. Not that i wouldn’t love to see the number of views go upbut hey, it’s a start. I’m still pretty rusty anyway

I want Ice Cream

Quote / Joke of the Day

Quote / Joke of the Day


If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.

– Sir Francis Bacon


The Old Professor poses the following problem to one of
his classes:

“A wealthy man dies and leaves ten million dollars. One-fifth is to go
to his daughter, one-fifth is to go to his son, one-sixth to his
brother, and the rest to his wife. Now, what does each get?”

After a very long silence in the classroom, Little Pauly raises his
hand and says, “A lawyer?”


The Watch Makes the Man

Of all the lame, wimpy, droopy ways men have ceded masculine power and swagger over the past decades, none has been more pathetic than the neglect of the time piece. It’s sad at times when I ask a guy what time it is, and more often than not, he pulls out his cell phone, as if it’s some sort of bloated pocket time piece, then tells me the digital answer. So nerdyso androgynoussolimp.

Things were not always thus. Men once carried big pocket watches in their vest pockets, attached with chains that would make a rapper proud. These were plump intricate machines, elegant fusions of jewelry and functionality that bespoke the personality of the man, who often labored over selecting just the right one for him. A watch was a statement, an investment; not only in the man you were, but also in the man you wanted to be. It’s like a fine suit or that black leather jacket, like your prized sneakers or alligator boots; it wasand still is, for somean object of aspiration. It gave a man a feeling that he just might be a little bit better, a little more out there, a littleextra. I mean, who among us couldn’t use that kind of boost?

Fact is, a man’s wristwatch follows his transition from boyhood to manhood. As boys, we begin with very simpleand sometimes colorfultimepieces that declare we are on the planet as a man-to-be. More often than not, it was more of a visual affair with very little functionality, but it did the job. I vividly remember my first watchit was one of those colorful superhero watches that exploited kid’s love of superman or batman. Mine had batman on the cover of the watch head. On that very day, something changed in me, an awareness of some kindas if I could conquer the world now that I could see digital numbers with a colon in the middle and batman backing me up. I also loved to constantly remind my parent’s that we were running late to any event we were going to – despite the fact that I still couldn’t comprehend the difference between am or pm; I just loved that power it gave me everytime I popped open the batman cover and said: “Dad! It’s four, uhmcolonzerofive pi-em already! Aren’t we late?”

After quite a few of those colorful plastic watches, my Dad gave me an apt watch for my transition from boyhood to pre-adolescence. He’s responsible for my introduction in the stainless steel band of watches. He gave me a digital/analog Casio, that lit up at the press of a button or when tilted 45 degreesand could finally be submerged in 100 meters of water, a feature unfortunately lacking in those superman/batman watches. I loved that watch. Most of us might remember a moment like that. It felt good on your wrist, like maybe you weren’t totally a kid anymore. Like maybe your first girlfriend might just be right around the corner.

After a few more Japanese watches, the word “Swiss” then came into my vocabulary. I lovingly remember my first TAG and Patek Philippe watches. They were watches I actually had to wind and set now and then, and activity that felt kind of odd and, ironically, sort of timeless. My old watches went into a drawerlooked at it once in a while and, when the mood struck me, wore it as a relic of the younger person I used to be. Reminiscing, are we?

Today, well, I don’t know who you are, but if your watch is a phone, think about things for a minute. Are you doing well? What would the proper time piece say about your personality? Most important, do you feel a certain weight about yourself as a man, a heft that a kid of 20 years of age just wouldn’t comprehend? Why not wear it on a place close to your heartbeat?

Just look at how many pretty watches gleam in the window! Feel their size and substance, the power you have to choose this one crucial aspect of who you just might be.

Now go. Time’s a-waistin after all

General Blah Blah


10:57 pm, Friday, May 21, 2010

Out of the 100,000+ blogs online, a new one is born. Though seemingly insignificant to the other 2 billion internet users out there, it’s very significant to meand others who would bear reading my thoughts and everyday maddening quirks.

I enthusiastically created this blog space last February. I kept tellin’ myself that I’d start writing as soon as I get some free time from schoolfree time came, I just told myself that I needed that restdecent amount of rest acquired, I just had nothin’ interesting on my mindblah blah blahthere were a million other reasons why, but I dare not bore you to death, unless you’re the suicidal type.

Despite my current eagerness to type, I still haven’t really thought of a concept for this blog…but the words of someone important came to mind, “Just write ‘bout what you love” “write about boredom” “just write, it doesn’t have to be about something, it can be about nothing” “oh Mark, your cuteand handsomeand smart”ok, maybe I just added that last one, and maybe more than one person told me that, but they were right. I wasn’t having writer’s (writeryeah right) block. I was suffering from what they called laziness, pure and simple.  So after 200 words, and a lot of thought, I’ve come to the decision of just writing…about anything and everything under the sun, or moon if you’re a night person, at least once a day I hope

So here, I’m about to cross the line (is it line or point?), no turning back now



First post about nothin coming soon 🙂