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Nobody’s perfect…yeah right…

“Nobody’s perfecteveryone makes mistakeswe’re just human”. I’m sure most of us have heard of this expression, one version or another. And it’s quite true, but it’s not usually used to point out the obvious human condition of imperfection, but rather, it’s used as a petty excuse, an excuse for a negative issue or quality that is revealed. Every time I hear a version of “oh wellno one’s perfect”, especially when a person errs on a certain undertaking, I cringe. Why do people blame a human quality, a quality they cannot change, the quality of imperfection, for most of the errors they commit? As infants, we have the tendency of passing our error onto exterior factors or persons so we can escape punishment, blame or guilt. Haven’t we outgrown this childish tendency? Is not acknowledging our imperfection as an excuse for our errors the same? Yes it is. Unfortunately, that’s what we have been doing for the past millennia. Every time an error is committed, the first thought is “It’s not my faultit’s because he/she/they/itblah blah blah”, instead of “I made a mistake, I should learn from it”. In fact, a mistake is not a mistake, it’s a lesson”. Putting the blame on our imperfection, for our errors is like blaming gravity for breaking your grandmother’s priceless vase instead of accepting the fact, and the punishment, that it broke because you were juggling it like some circus clown.  We humans are NOT predestined to be failures because of our inherited imperfection.  We have that instinct to be the best that we can be, to attain our full potential. Every time we strive to do our best is another step upbut every single time we excuse our errors as a part of “being human”, we go two steps down.

You may feel that excusing yourself on occasion is OK, like when you accidentally spill hot coffee on your boss, not flushing the toilet after burrito night, leaving the gas stove open, forgetting that one formula for your math exam, or ruining your diet with two dozen glazed doughnutsyou’d probably just smirk, “To err is human right?right boss (or wife, or burned-down house, or professor, or health trainer)?” And they mightmightforgive you for it. But let’s go a little extreme here. How would you feel if a soldier was playing around with some missile controls and accidently launched a 500-megaton bomb straight for your little bungalow? Would you be gracious enough to forgive his “imperfection” when he calls and says “dudemy badthe thing about being human right?hehesorry bout yar house and all” or would you strangle him till he turns into a smurf? OR how about someone who brings down an already-down economy by holding up a tourist bus and taking hostages while saying “I just want my job backI know I’ve made mistakesbut”? The point is, we may be human, and yes, we will commit mistakes every once in a while, some are excusable and forgivable, BUT most are certainly AVOIDABLE.

This reminds me of a “Major, Major” topic recently

More than half the world has seen our esteemed Ms. Philippines, Maria Venus Bayonito Raj. And her very “catchy” answer to the Q&A portion of Ms. Universe has spread like the plague, with new remixes on youtube every 5 seconds.  This emphasis on her rather nervous and obvious tense answer gave birth to three usual reactionsfirst, my personal favorite, Horrendous Hilaritysecond, shame and revoltand third would be those who would come to her defense. And what do the third usually say? “C’mon guys, she was nervous and tense! Besides, everyone makes mistakesno one’s perfect”. Unexcusable.  Why? These girls had months of rehearsalsmonths of practice, sure there was a lot of stage fright, but this was not some grade school play. It’s the Ms. Universe pageant. If people are going to insist that stage fright and nervousness are to blame, then they are actually putting Venus down for not being answering as calm and collected like the other contestants during the Q&A. Others would say that the language was major (major) barrier. Maybe you didn’t see the heavenly beautiful Ms. Ukraine. She had an interpreter, so she spoke straight Ukrainian and her answers were wonderfully conveyed by that interpreter, so language is not an excuse. So let’s get a recap

Actor William Baldwin asked Venus, “What is one big mistake that you made in your life and what did you do to make it right?”

Venus’ answer:

“You know what, Sir, in my 22 years of existence, I can say that there’s nothing major major problem that I’ve done in my life because I’m very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So thank you so much that I’m here. Thank you, thank you so much!”

So besides the apparent grammar mistake, her answer, well, was not an answer at all. It was nonsensical. If you look at the video closely, you might even spot some nose bleeding as she nervously tried to end her Q&A as fast as she can. But seriously now, I’m not being a cynicmore like a constructive critic. She surely could’ve done better. Some of the judges have made that comment and even Donald Trump was surprised why she didn’t go further then 5th place. She could have cited her problems of attaining a passport and winning back her crown for the Binibining Pilipinas title. And if delivered properly, she might have reached the top 3 or even the crown.

Oh wellnobody is perfectNOT

Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.  ~Harriet Braiker

Let us not strive for perfectionat least not yetlet us all just do the best we canand be the best that we can beit’s that simplewell,not reallybut heyno one’s perfecthaha!

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Dear Ellipsis,

I used to pride myself of being invincible from allergies. I’d often jokingly scoff at people who had allergies especially those towards food. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if i was allergic to shrimp or chickenthat’d be like taking the fat out of french friesit would be tastelesslife would be tasteless.  And then came along a seemingly harmless caterpillar…

It makes my hair stand on end just by looking at it now. These tiny creatures proved me wrong twicethat I was immune to any and all allergic reactionsand that my face can’t get any worse. And for something so small to smack (sting, bite, irritate, inflame) the truth right onto my face, quite literally in fact, was painfulemotionally and physically. It’s been three days and half of my face still looks like an inflamed tomato with small lesions >_<if i was ashamed of this phizog before, imagine my horror looking at the mirror every few hours and actually feeling pity for Harvey Dent / Two-Face (“i feel for ya“). It has subsided a lot thoughthe first day of the reaction was a lot worse, i was literally Two-Face for a few hoursand spoke like Sylvester Stallone because the left part of my lips were so swollen i couldn’t properly open my mouth…

So how’d this all happen? I was on our organization booth at school, minding my own business. It was quite hot so I was sweating a lot. I was grateful for my handkerchiefnot for long though. A sophomore student then came by and asked for a membership form. I was delighted, and informed him on the details, payments, and the organization t-shirt that was available. While this was happening, a caterpillar somehow landed on my handkerchief (goosebumps…). As the student filled out the forms, I reached for my handkerchief and without looking, wiped my upper lip, forehead and just beside my left eye. I suddenly felt a tingling and itchy sensation, but was distracted when another student came by. So there I was…i continued wiping my face and upper lip involuntarily because of the itch. I continued wiping untiluntil i couldn’t understand or take the pain anymore. Somehow, instinct told me to look at my hanky. When i did…a dead and apparently, squished hairy caterpillar fell out. I immediately ran to the school clinicby the time i got there, half my face was already beet red. And the rest, as the sayis ancient painful history

I may loathe caterpillars and all insects right now, but somehow I can’t help but feel pity for that one caterpillar who fought for his life with every venomous hair and spike on it’s body and still lost to what is now my disfigured face

wrong placewrong time

sorry if I grossed you out

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Secret vault of words rejected by the Oxford English Dictionary uncovered

Who are they to reject such innovative words? (sarcastic me)

but seriously, some of these words are catchy!

Here are some of the unfortunate reject-ees

Accordionated – being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time

Asphinxiation – being sick to death of unanswerable puzzles or riddles

Blogish – a variety of English that uses a large number of initialisms, frequently used on blogs

Dringle – the watermark left on wood caused by a glass of liquid.

Dunandunate – the overuse of a word or phrase that has recently been added to your own vocabulary

Earworm – a catchy tune that frequently gets stuck in your head

Espacular – something especially spectacular

Freegan – someone who rejects consumerism, usually by eating discarded food

Fumb – your large toe

Furgle – to feel in a pocket or bag for a small object such as a coin or key

Glocalization – running a business according to both local and global considerations

Griefer – someone who spends their online time harassing others

Headset jockey – a telephone call centre worker

Lexpionage – the sleuthing of words and phrases

Locavor – a person who tries to eat only locally grown or produced food

Museum head – feeling mentally exhausted and no longer able to take in information; Usually following a trip to a museum

Nonversation – a worthless conversation, wherein nothing is explained or otherwise Elaborated upon

Nudenda – an unhidden agenda

Oninate – to overwhelm with post-dining breath

Optotoxical – a look that could kill, normally from a parent or spouse

Parrotise – a haven for exotic birds especially green ones

Peppier – a waiter whose sole job is to offer diners ground pepper, usually from a large pepper mill

Percuperate – to prepare for the possibility of being ill

Pharming – the practice of creating a dummy website for phishing data

Polkadodge – the dance that occurs when two people attempt to pass each other but move in the same direction

Pregreening – to creep forwards while waiting for a red light to change

Quackmire – the muddy edges of a duck pond

Scrax – the waxy coating that is scratched off an instant lottery ticket

Smushables – items that must be pack at the top of a bag to avoid being squashed

Spatulate – removing cake mixture from the side of a bowl with a spatula

Sprog – to go faster then a jog but slower then a sprint

Sprummer – when summer and spring time can’t decide which is to come first, usually hot one day then cold the next

Stealth-geek – someone who hides their nerdy interests while maintaining a normal outward appearance

Vidiot – someone who is inept at the act of programming video recording equipment

Whinese – a term for the language spoken by children on lengthy trips

Wibble – the trembling of the lower lip just shy of actually crying

Wurfing – the act of surfing the Internet while at work

Wikism – a piece of information that claims to be true but is wildly inaccurate

Xenolexica – a grave confusion when faced with unusual words

“I say, that espacular song sure gave me an earworm where the state of lexpionage and nudenda perfectly described the ability of stealh-geeks to wurf and parents to make you wibble due to the infamous optotoxical when they try to silence the whinese whenever they pregreen, xenolexica anyone?”

-Stealh geek Vince

gooogooogaagaaa (if this guy had a nose, it would be bleeding)

Xenolexica indeed

General Blah Blah

Top Reasons to Date an Engineer

Found around the interwebs 😉

  1. High starting salary. Your parents will approve.
  2. The world does revolve around us… we choose the coordinate system.
  3. We know how to handle stress and strain in a relationship.
  4. Engineers do it to specification.
  5. Help with your math homework.
  6. Looks good on a resume.
  7. Engineering “couples” have better “moments”
  8. Genetically smarter offspring
  9. who else will balance your checkbook?
  10. Guaranteed Financial securityneed we say more?

John Kluge, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Billionaire

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A time to speak, A time to eat, & a time to take a sh**

Dear Ellipses,

So I happened to walk into  a mall bathroom today due to a sudden urge of nature, probably because of all the coffee I had.  I decided to take a stall because all the urinals were, welloccupied. As i was about to finish my business, I heard a rather soft and affectionate voice of a guy in the other stall. Praying that he wasn’t talkin to me, i decided to listen in, because i’m just nosy like that. This guy was veryvery affectionately pouring his heart out to, i’m hoping, a person of the opposite sex.  Through flowery words he described how he longed for his significant other and  how much he cares and loves her. I was moved (not), I mean, it takes a real man to open up his feelings in a public toilet. Where else would any guy do it but while he’s on his great white throne?

And to make matters worse, this guy probably had bad clams or somethingit was like an excre-orchestra in this guy’s stall that a pack of imodium  couldn’t fix. It was probably good background music for the sweet nothings he was conveying for his significant other(facepalm)

After a few minutes of eavesdropping (droppingha!), I had to give in to the cries of my olfactory (and auditory) senses to get out of the  public toilet.

note to the guy in the mall bathroom stall:

There is a time and place for everything. Now is not the time to tell your significant other how you long for her and that you love her. wait until your outside.The sound of your bowel movements & constant toilet flush will ruin the sincerity of the moment

unless of course, this is an inside thing between both of you and that she’s also in the toilet returning your sounds of affection.

location, location, location