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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what women want.

It’s really quite simple. Take out your pen and papers guys.

“Women want a man who’s ambitious, an achiever, whose successful both professionally and financiallywho’s not materialistic.

Women want a man who is solid, steady, consistent and reliable…who’s fun, unpredictable and spontaneous.

Women want a strong-willed, decisive man who takes a stand and doesn’t waver, as long as he’s flexible, open-minded and can admit when he’s wrong

Women want a lot.

Women want a realist who’s romantic. A guy who’s serious but playful, who’s confident but humble.

Women want a man who is career driven but family-oriented.

Women want a man who’s smart but not nerdy

caring but not needy

affectionate but not clingy

protective but not possessive

emotional but not neurotic

funny but not a clown

dominant but not domineering

in control but not controlling.

No Problem.”

Easy right?

“Good to know.

So,again,  take notes guys, and remember, all we gotta be is strong but sensitive, tough but tender, masculine but gentle and manly but vulnerable.”

-Brian Scott Mcfadden







Apparently, women want a schizophrenic, gender-confused guy.


Update: I sure hope you guys saw the sarcasm in this 😀


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