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Eye spy

I’ve always had this thing of noticing  little things about people; the twitching, the shaky hands, that the loose threads on their shirts cloths, the barely-there hole on their denim jeans, the unshaven part of their chin, the scar she hides just below her left ear, the fake rolex he’s wearin’.

Take now for example. I’m currently at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It’s a busy day and the shop’s  quite packed more than usual.  Looking straight, I see the shop’s smoking area / balcony separated by glass walls;  Tomas Morato in the distance.

6 0’clock. Right behind me, there’s a guy. Asian (of course?), mid-20’s, sporting a gaudy-looking Movado chronograph, basic white tee, mom jeans, dark-framed glasses, and trendy boat shoes. He has a 12-inch Asus ee netbook, and a candy bar Nokia phone. Apparently he ordered a regular mochaccino. It’s funny because Continue reading

General Blah Blah


Someone once asked me why I’d pay 3 times more than a regular cinema ticket’s worth to watch a movie in IMAX. ”What difference would a bigger screen size make?” they added. ”You’d still see the same characters, plot and story anyway!”

”So a 5-inch portable TV is no different from a 70-inch LED TV”? I thought to myself.

Allow me to elaborate by sharing an anecdote.

I took my 12-year old cousin to see Tron: Legacy in IMAX 3D today.  The anticipation, excitement and amazement he showed could sum up what wonders IMAX has to offer compared to your regular cinema.

Arriving at the mall, we hurriedly headed to the cinemas, then the ticket line. When our turn came, we learned just how much this was going to cost — Four hundred AND one pesos (c. $8). I was quite surprised. I spent PHP340.00 the last time I watched at IMAX. Do note that I was not paying for my cousin.  Despite Continue reading