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An Engineering Expedition

Hey Ellipses! It’s been a long while. Here I am, posting my reaction paper for my Seminars and Field trips subject. A proper way, i think, to reboot this blog.

Note: We had to write in third person so….



            At 3:30am, April 7, Mark is restless. The excitement in his veins has kept sleep at bay, for a mere hour and a half away is the call time for the AMA University, College of Engineering, Educational Tour with respect to their Seminars and Field Trips subject. The destination: Pampanga, Tarlac, and then Baguio. The trip has already been postponed once. The anticipation since then has only increased. Expectations run high.

The clock strikes 4:00am. Mark and several of his classmates leave his house for AMA University. They arrived just in time to see the Pintakasi buses make their way into the Villa Arca Subdivision. By 5:00am, the students have started boarding their respective buses, where they are arranged either by section or by course. Soon, bus engines started warming up, Kuya Louie, our enthusiastic tour guide, started his pitch and the students gave out eager hurrahs! The expedition has begun! Continue reading