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Gone under.

There’s something serene about swimming. I’ve always loved getting soaked in any (preferably clean) body of water, as far back as I can remember. I was swimming long before I could walk. There’s something quite ethereal about it. Maybe because it’s the closest we’ll ever get to flying, flowing through the water as if it were air. Maybe because in the water, everything is cleaner, shinier, lighter. It provides tranquility even for the most idiosyncratic.

I love going swimming at night. There are less people; better ambiance. All the more when you’re sharing an olympic-sized pool with only three little kids, which was the case tonight. The serenity of the dimly-lit water and quiet surroundings take you someplace else. An escape. A temporary portal away from this harsh vociferous and noisome world filled with miasma, providing few things devoid of  ennnui. Taking a deep breath, I go under, eyes closed. Suddenly Continue reading