"Those" moments..., Thoughts

A crush combined with longing.

Dear Ms. Anon,

I’ve beat around the bush too long, so I’ll just spill. What entails are the thoughts I simply cannot articulate in a way that will not come off as desperate or too emotional. My head is in a jam. Recently, you’re all I think about, I can’t take you off my mind. From the first time we met, I’ve been beset by thoughts of you. It’s funny, because the more I ignore this feeling, the more I found myself believing that I just have to see you again.

I’m like a child once more;at a loss for words. Expressing my feelings through transcription has proved quite difficult. Difficult in the sense that I might fill volumes, and yet make no sense whatsoever. To think I’ve been paralyzed in one of the few things I’m quite good at brings a confused smile to my face. How does one define a crush combined with longing? Longing…longing to possess you, so dearly. I’m entranced by you completely. I just might go mad.

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