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Community Service

I was recently asked: “If you were given the choice of volunteering for the well-being of your community, what service would you choose and why?”

I was given 15 minutes to write 100-150 words. Fifteen minutes. If by some miracle you’d only need 5 minutes tops to think of a response and how you’ll develop that response into 150 words, then good for you. So a squeezed everything I could squeeze. Milked my brain like my life depended on it. I’m not proud of it though. See for yourself:

“I would most probably lean towards volunteering in the service of teaching underprivileged children basic computer skills. The future of our future generation and their very well-being will depend on the knowledge and skills they acquire and carry-on in their future careers. Basic computer skills will be valuable, if not vital, in this day and age for even the most basic of jobs. This will prove to be both a challenge and a privilege for me as I share my time, knowledge and experience with these children, some of whom may have never had the chance of using a computer. Remembering the excitement I experienced during my first hands-on computer lesson motivates me even more, knowing that these computer skills will not only Continue reading