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I’m back!

This pathetic excuse for a blog (Why is “blog” underlined in Word?) is…well… pathetic. For that I’m truly sorry, Ellipses. All my past talk of this blog’s “lazarus-moments” was oh so short-lived. I’ve even forgotten my WordPress password! It seems I’ve adopted the absurd notion “Don’t write what will not be paid for.” Now that I think about it, that’s just plain greedy desperation…desperate for a buck. I’ve become a slave to the paycheck. I worry. Have I lost the satisfaction and fulfillment of transcribing my innermost thoughts? Is it all now a means to an end? Have I forgotten the simple joys of being able to write what cannot be said or of the mind’s reprieve upon the release of the intricacies of the enigmas of thought, emotion, and intuition when these have all but completely engrossed it? I assert myself to say “No. I refuse to believe I have sunk to that level.” I now realize that this write-to-mouth existence is not one I would toil day and night and lose sleep over. Fulfillment is the reward. Everything else is incentive.

Having said that, I promise to Continue reading