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Man on Wire

Would you? I would.

It’s amazing what motivational powers come upon a man under the pain of ignominy. For a man such as myself, it usually leads to impulsions of money burning, food bingeing or article writing.  I had neither money to burn nor food to indulge on so I had to make do with writing.

The idea of a supposed piece came to my mind a few minutes before the tragedy of which moved me so to write as soon as I turned on my laptop. I was waiting in line at a local Starbucks. At 2 am in the morning, the place was packed, as usual. My mind at first was preoccupied with beverage and food choices, ignoring the traffic of people coming in and out of the shop. It was a while before I realized that I was witnessing an unspoken phenomenon that most people know but choose to overlook: coffee / cafe culture… and it’s a pretty diverse culture. Modern coffee culture could be described as a less exclusive version of the once “cafe society” where society’s elite and ruling class would congregate and socialize – espresso being the social lubricant that it is. Modern espressonites, however, originate from various walks of life that a Starbucks could aptly be called a zoo; an urban melting pot if you would.

These were the makings of a good article.

All of these continued to percolate in my head as I placed my order and received my venti salted caramel frapp’ and glazed doughnut. Everything seemed well and good. Then, of course, tragedy struck. As I clambered up the stairs carrying my food tray, my right foot caught on the 3rd step before the top. What followed was an amazing show of awkward ballet, graceful crump and latent ninja-like reflexes I never knew I had. In the split seconds of my part flail, part dance and part flight routine, my mind went into overdrive as it tried to simultaneously process these thoughts:

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General Blah Blah


Hello Ellipses,

On the heels of my last post about personal refinement and self-examination, I’d like to present another impromptu speech I wrote about 4 years ago during english period. We were tasked to explain and/or elaborate on an excerpt from E. Christian Buckner’s (Speech) Credo: “I believe that the act of speech is a total process, that when it reaches optimum effectiveness, the whole man communicates.” (Full text here) We were given 10 minutes.

Here’s what I wrote [with self-critical side comments, of course]:

“If our eyes are the windows to our very humanity, then our mouth would most likely be the door [simple enough], and their [SIC, oh the shame] is no better key for this door than speech and communication.

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Leveled up?

It’s important for any who claim, or would like to claim, to be a writer to periodically examine the development and progress of their writing skills. It might just simply be a symptom of logophilia.

The refinement and growth of a writer’s capabilities should be likened to the growth of the suborder Serpentes – what we commonly call (and dread) the snake. The fastest growth periods of a snake is in its early years, but it never really stops growing. Although size and weight will depend  a lot on several factors (species, diet, environment, age), a snake will continue to grow, albeit slowly, throughout its life.

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