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Hello Ellipses,

On the heels of my last post about personal refinement and self-examination, I’d like to present another impromptu speech I wrote about 4 years ago during english period. We were tasked to explain and/or elaborate on an excerpt from E. Christian Buckner’s (Speech) Credo: “I believe that the act of speech is a total process, that when it reaches optimum effectiveness, the whole man communicates.” (Full text here) We were given 10 minutes.

Here’s what I wrote [with self-critical side comments, of course]:

“If our eyes are the windows to our very humanity, then our mouth would most likely be the door [simple enough], and their [SIC, oh the shame] is no better key for this door than speech and communication.

The very ideologies of speech and humanity are quiet synonymous: ‘What are humans but words”. We express our whole being in words or in silent ones (sign language). If we are inefficient in speech, our ability to express ourselves, our faith, our ideas, our beliefs, our aspirations would be fataly [fatally] severed.

When we reach the zenith of our ability and efficiency of speech, our capability of putting into words the abstracticities of our humanity like faith, belief, determination and love would just be a walk in the park and it would seem that our very being is “talking” to others and to the universe. ~END~

[as much as I’d like abstracticities to be a real word, it’s not. But man does it sound good. It delivers the right idea though. “Universe”: a nice but cop-out way to end with a bang]

I got 9 points out of 10. Maybe it was the use of a non-existent  word or the obviously hurried conclusion. Or maybe there was a lot substance absent, if any. I’m glad to say i’ve improved somewhat though, in spelling at the very least. I’d like to thank My english professor, Ms. Agnis, for her support, nurturing and patience.

Thanks for listening Ellipses. I’ll be going back to my little corner of indulgence and continue reading A Feast for Crows ’til I go blind or starve, whichever comes first.


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