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Is He or She Interested In Me?

Author’s Note: I think a light-hearted post would serve this gloomy blog’s atmosphere well. Smile and read on.

Is He or She Interested In Me?


It is one of the many fundamental questions we face in life, men and women alike. “Is he/she interested in me?” It is a question we ponder over when we’re in the shower, on our white porcelain thrones, or when we are in full swoon over this guy or girl. It’s usually in the same spirit of inquiry as  “What will I do if I had a week to live?” “Why are we here?” “When will Winds of Winter come out?” “Would you rather lose all your old memories or lose the ability to make new ones?” or “Did Han shoot first?” We may be in peace, dunking our favorite cookie in a warm cup of milk when, suddenly, the cookie breaks and sinks into the milk and we’re left there wondering why bad things happen to good people.

Non sequitur aside, let’s address the question in…er… question shall we?

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Introspecting in the rain

…I’m on my own, I’m on my own…

“Alone…You will always be alone.”

…throw me a line…

“…I think we enjoyed that movie way too much, don’t you think?”

…afraid that I have come here…

“Do not ignore me, Mark”

…to win you again…

“…wasn’t tryin’ to ignore no one. Don’t be melodramatic… on a public vehicle of all places.” Continue reading