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*A pleasant work of fiction


Summer has ended. If I’m to be allowed back into school I must needs to present a full summer report as Ms. Carter so persuasively pointed out to our class before we were temporarily unshackled from the widely accepted form of imprisonment that is educational institution. We were also instructed to write an introduction to our report proper to be followed by at least 1000 words. I guess this is mine.

My last summer report will about my family, and finding the perfect gift for my grandparents on their anniversary. It’s their 45th, I think. I believe 50 years of married life deserves some kind of nationwide awarding ceremony but that’s an issue for the government, not me. I would if I could. I’ve never seen two people more in love. A decade of that is extraordinary by itself. Half a century is mind boggling-ly amazing. (Three cheers for artistic license!)

I read somewhere that the perfect gift to give is something that shows just how much you know the receiver and that if given to anyone else would make zero sense. Once, I gifted my best friend the remains of Continue reading

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In boiling water.

Carrots. Eggs. Coffee beans.

No, this is not some weird recipe for a caffeinated shake. How disgustingly perky that would be. This is a story I adapted, sugar-coated, peppered, seared and cooked to a bloody medium-rare (No, it’s not really blood folks. Just good ol’ Myoglobin).

At the end, ask yourself, “Which one are you?” Continue reading


I felt like writing ten pages of deathly pain whilst crying bloody murder…but it then occurred to me that I had an image that perfectly captures what would otherwise end up as  circumlocutory text.

Poor Erik

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Poor Erik

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“You close the gate, but you always leave the key outside.”

– A. A. Ang

There it is. My “Welcome” page in 11 words. I couldn’t have said it better – simple, elegant.

It’s true, this is. Most people would see the locked gate and only the locked gate. I suppose the desire, the very purpose, is to know who cares enough to look for the key. To find out Continue reading

“You close the …

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Part 1 of 2

I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye.

It haunts me down to this day. It may haunt me forever. An obdurate shadow at the back of my mind. A castaway shackled in a closed-off room in my heart.

I remember coaxing her once lustrous hair, now a dry and damaged mop, to one side so I could kiss her warm forehead. It used to be warmer. I tell her to be strong.

“I’ll be back in a few hours.”

There’s no answer. There are no sounds other than the faint beeps of a heart monitor and her tired and troubled breathing. I pause to take her in. Vacant washed-out globes had replaced the eyes that once had been full of life, love, and wanderlust. Shallow breaths from her chapped lips. Yellow and pale taking over the vibrant pink in her skin. Her hands twitching from unknowable pain. For a second it courses through me as well. Strings are pulled inside me. I wince. I reach for her hand and envelop it with both of mine. She must have used all the strength she had left when she lightly held on to my hands. It takes all of my own strength to keep from crying.

A voice inside says I can’t leave. Continue reading

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This blog has deteriorated into a bad phoenix joke. For that I apologize. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve written about “resurrection”. Neglect and idleness have betrayed my supposed desires to write and relate. Consistency has seemed an impossibility, until now.

I’ve come to a decision: A post (at least) a week. A quote – hopefully more often.

It starts with a spankin’ new hide and sobriquet. The new skin speaks for its minimal self. The new name, though, needs some explanation and a dash of humour.

Our friends from Merriam-Webster say this of the name in question:

1. having many syllables :  long word (primary reason of choice…you know… because sesquipedalian is defined as a long word, heh. Hilarious, right? Right? – humour ends here)
2.  given to or characterized by the use of long words

I cannot deny my Continue reading

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Lady of the Ring



I shift my eyes from the floor to my right hand. There I see a trace of what once was; a reminder of something that was on the proximal phalanx of my middle finger. It’s barely there. Funny thing about how sunlight works on unexposed skin, or exposed skin rather. The unexposed skin stays a shade lighter than the exposed. It’s a band of lighter skin where another band, of the stainless steel variety, was once placed.

The line of lighter skin takes me back to a time I wish was still here or will be again, soon; when that steel band was still on my third finger enduring the rigors of ubiquitous activities like a proper gentleman’s ring should.

It’s in safekeeping, the ring I mean; I mean to have it back. It brings more than just ten grams of dense stainless steel and style power. It carries with it hope, love, memories, and second chances – an assurance; a promise; a wish. Sweet nostalgia. Positive prospects.

Now, my ring-less finger reminds me only of pain and loss – the depth of which I cannot ascribe to paper or text…maybe song, but not quite.  I’d have to borrow from a lyric of a popular broadway song:

There’s a grief that can’t be spoken

There’s a pain that goes on and on Continue reading