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How to (almost) always win and never be wrong

Sunshine in a Vaccume

Don’t get me wrong (heh). I actually love being wrong. You don’t learn anything new when you’re right. Being wrong however opens up a new world of knowledge, possibilities and personal evolution despite the general feelings people have toward the same and the ignominy it usually entails. Why shouldn’t we take the opportunity to learn when in the wrong? We’ll be better for it. A little embarrassment can’t kill. More on that later.

Having said that, know that this article isn’t a manual to manipulation, psychological prowess or a how-to into being a socially accepted know-it-all so one could force, bluff, or that-other-word-that’s-already-in-your-head their way into being right. If you are truly wrong nothing can save you, nothing noble at least. So don’t argue for argument’s sake, especially for the sake of being right. Stand for something. Be a torch-holder for the dispersion of truth, wisdom and self-betterment instead of ignorance and self-importance.

So how can one avoid (almost) ever being wrong?

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“When does one become greater than a thousand? When that one… is all that matters.”

A thousand No’s will be insignificant to that one Yes. Unfortunately, a thousand Yes’s will be as a whisper to the wind against the one resounding and crushing No.

All the treasure in the world will be for naught if the one you’re longing for is not among them.


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One cold night, my family and I were at the dinner table anxious for our last meal of the day. The much-anticipated supper turned out to be porridge – plain, in every sense of the word, porridge. We did not even have milk to ease the pottage’s way into our hungry bodies. We were hungry though, and any food was sustenance. It was a difficult period of time for my family – not because we were having oats (oats was a breakfast staple), but because it was all we had.

Being too young to understand the circumstances of our meager dinner, I asked my mother why I couldn’t have fried chicken instead, and Continue reading

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Is He or She Interested In Me?

Author’s Note: I think a light-hearted post would serve this gloomy blog’s atmosphere well. Smile and read on.

Is He or She Interested In Me?


It is one of the many fundamental questions we face in life, men and women alike. “Is he/she interested in me?” It is a question we ponder over when we’re in the shower, on our white porcelain thrones, or when we are in full swoon over this guy or girl. It’s usually in the same spirit of inquiry as  “What will I do if I had a week to live?” “Why are we here?” “When will Winds of Winter come out?” “Would you rather lose all your old memories or lose the ability to make new ones?” or “Did Han shoot first?” We may be in peace, dunking our favorite cookie in a warm cup of milk when, suddenly, the cookie breaks and sinks into the milk and we’re left there wondering why bad things happen to good people.

Non sequitur aside, let’s address the question in…er… question shall we?

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Leveled up?

It’s important for any who claim, or would like to claim, to be a writer to periodically examine the development and progress of their writing skills. It might just simply be a symptom of logophilia.

The refinement and growth of a writer’s capabilities should be likened to the growth of the suborder Serpentes – what we commonly call (and dread) the snake. The fastest growth periods of a snake is in its early years, but it never really stops growing. Although size and weight will depend  a lot on several factors (species, diet, environment, age), a snake will continue to grow, albeit slowly, throughout its life.

The writer who takes pride in his work should strive to never stop growing; to never stop refining himself/ herself; to Continue reading

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Eye spy

I’ve always had this thing of noticing  little things about people; the twitching, the shaky hands, that the loose threads on their shirts cloths, the barely-there hole on their denim jeans, the unshaven part of their chin, the scar she hides just below her left ear, the fake rolex he’s wearin’.

Take now for example. I’m currently at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It’s a busy day and the shop’s  quite packed more than usual.  Looking straight, I see the shop’s smoking area / balcony separated by glass walls;  Tomas Morato in the distance.

6 0’clock. Right behind me, there’s a guy. Asian (of course?), mid-20’s, sporting a gaudy-looking Movado chronograph, basic white tee, mom jeans, dark-framed glasses, and trendy boat shoes. He has a 12-inch Asus ee netbook, and a candy bar Nokia phone. Apparently he ordered a regular mochaccino. It’s funny because Continue reading