Movie Review!

Le Expendables 2

Hello Ellipses. Yes, it has been a long while. I visit you today to post a piece I had ghostwritten a few days ago. I recently received the rights to it again. My guess is the client opted out of using something he had no involvement in. Hah. Doesn’t matter, got paid. Here is the movie review for Expendables 2.

The specifications given to me were:

What: Informal / Casual Movie Review for The Expendables 2 (2012)

Who: American Male, liberal arts Uni student

Characteristics: POV, “Would rather write about something else”,  Middle class, Pop-culture references, high self-esteem, movie buff, saddened by the trend of superficiality that plagues current movies, strong moral principles, brought up by loving parents, med-heavy sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek, objective, tries to educate readers.

Demographic: fellow liberal arts students

**Disclaimer: This review was intended as a ghostwritten piece; hence the ideas, views and statements made here do not necessarily represent those of its ghostwriter. May contain spoilers**

The Expendables 2

A reference not fit for referencing

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"Those" moments..., Movie Review!

Super 8, OMG!

Good Evening, Ellipses. I know, I haven’t written in a long…long while. What better Lazarus moment then with a movie review? SUPER 8.

Here’s a more Spielberg version:

What do you get when you merge the charisma of the wonderful young cast of Goonies, the monstrosity from Cloverfield, the E.T.-go-home feel, Star Trek visuals (ugh, lens flares), the emotion completely absent from Transformers and a hint of  Close Encounters of the Third Kind ? Continue reading