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“And in the night, he searches.

And in the day, he searches.

And on the morrow, he will search.

Close. Reaching.

Yet it will not be found.

And he knows that.”




…sometimes we love and though it seems that the object of our love is within reach, it does not reciprocate and so we must keep reaching…




– Boy Meets World



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A Day

*A pleasant work of fiction


Summer has ended. If I’m to be allowed back into school I must needs to present a full summer report as Ms. Carter so persuasively pointed out to our class before we were temporarily unshackled from the widely accepted form of imprisonment that is educational institution. We were also instructed to write an introduction to our report proper to be followed by at least 1000 words. I guess this is mine.

My last summer report will about my family, and finding the perfect gift for my grandparents on their anniversary. It’s their 45th, I think. I believe 50 years of married life deserves some kind of nationwide awarding ceremony but that’s an issue for the government, not me. I would if I could. I’ve never seen two people more in love. A decade of that is extraordinary by itself. Half a century is mind boggling-ly amazing. (Three cheers for artistic license!)

I read somewhere that the perfect gift to give is something that shows just how much you know the receiver and that if given to anyone else would make zero sense. Once, I gifted my best friend the remains of Continue reading

"Those" moments..., Thoughts

Barely Beating.

Seafront evening

My seas have calmed. The winds, abated. The tempest’s fire has smoldered low, leaving only a memory. She was a maelstrom. A squall I was unprepared to face let alone handle. I see her in the distance now. The space between us I must strive to keep. Is it over or will she turn into a perfect storm once more?

I survived her. I’ve overcome. At least i’d want to think to myself. I know I’m safe at anchor. I’ve secured my mooring.

I can’t, however, sink the feeling that I’m drifting, slowly, away from the jetty of security. I can feel it when I close my eyes, when the world waxes taciturn. I close them now…and it’s there. Seemingly gentle ripples gradually pulling me away. The water rocking my craft into the unknown. I’m being drawn off the docks in the opposite direction of the storm. Into calm, indifferent and vacant waters.

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How to (almost) always win and never be wrong

Sunshine in a Vaccume

Don’t get me wrong (heh). I actually love being wrong. You don’t learn anything new when you’re right. Being wrong however opens up a new world of knowledge, possibilities and personal evolution despite the general feelings people have toward the same and the ignominy it usually entails. Why shouldn’t we take the opportunity to learn when in the wrong? We’ll be better for it. A little embarrassment can’t kill. More on that later.

Having said that, know that this article isn’t a manual to manipulation, psychological prowess or a how-to into being a socially accepted know-it-all so one could force, bluff, or that-other-word-that’s-already-in-your-head their way into being right. If you are truly wrong nothing can save you, nothing noble at least. So don’t argue for argument’s sake, especially for the sake of being right. Stand for something. Be a torch-holder for the dispersion of truth, wisdom and self-betterment instead of ignorance and self-importance.

So how can one avoid (almost) ever being wrong?

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In boiling water.

Carrots. Eggs. Coffee beans.

No, this is not some weird recipe for a caffeinated shake. How disgustingly perky that would be. This is a story I adapted, sugar-coated, peppered, seared and cooked to a bloody medium-rare (No, it’s not really blood folks. Just good ol’ Myoglobin).

At the end, ask yourself, “Which one are you?” Continue reading


I felt like writing ten pages of deathly pain whilst crying bloody murder…but it then occurred to me that I had an image that perfectly captures what would otherwise end up as  circumlocutory text.

Poor Erik

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