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Dear Ellipsis,

Sorry i haven’t been writing in a while. Just haven’t found the right motivation. Been down these daysa cocktail of a lot of things in my head. I feel like there’s just somethingsomething missing. Where are the epiphanies when you need ’em right?

Well I had a little epiphany today. But that’s after sleeping at 3am and waking up on the wrong side of the bed and worse side of a cold…and a week of arduous melancholy apathy. There WERE a few good highlights of my day, besides the weekly meetingsa got to eat at a great Chinese restaurant (Whoever says their tired of chinese food haven’t gone to a real chinese restaurant )and a very undeserved hand-foot-back Spa courtesy of the Fedalizos (Thanks againagainagain 🙂 ).

Back to the epiphanyso we were in the car and than,

“Look a rainbow!”

It was really more a 1/3 of a rainbow, but a rainbow nevertheless, in all its Roy G. Biv glory. I realized that it has been a long long while since I have seen one, or had the time to just look up

Never miss the chance to look up, and say“hmmRedorangeyellowgreenblueindigoviolet!”

Sometimes we get so preoccupied and caught up in our daily attempts to live our lives that we miss the chance to smell the roses, or witness rainbows. Do we really want to miss the best things in life? THE LITTLE THINGS, like a baby smiling, morning coffee, a heartwarming embrace, a great meal, or a krispy kreme doughnut on its conveyor belt being glazed with diabetes inducing sugar? We try to run our lives so much that we end up forgetting how to walk, slowly, taking in all things beautiful, things that are truly significant. If i ask you to list the most things that make you happy in life and all you say is “Family, school and friends”, or God forbid say “alcohol, video games and girls” than you my friend live a sad life.

Take your time. Stop running, and take the paseo. Why don’t you try this. Make a list of all things that make you smile, or that at least keeps you sane. how about “50 of the best things in my life”

i’ll start


Pre-Cloud 9

Dear Ellipses,

D’ya Miss me? Just got back from a 3-day, 2-night trip…heavenly…just what i needed before startin’ school again…gonna be postin’ pics soon!

Here’s a little somethin to look forward to 🙂  :

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