"Those" moments..., Thoughts

Barely Beating.

Seafront evening

My seas have calmed. The winds, abated. The tempest’s fire has smoldered low, leaving only a memory. She was a maelstrom. A squall I was unprepared to face let alone handle. I see her in the distance now. The space between us I must strive to keep. Is it over or will she turn into a perfect storm once more?

I survived her. I’ve overcome. At least i’d want to think to myself. I know I’m safe at anchor. I’ve secured my mooring.

I can’t, however, sink the feeling that I’m drifting, slowly, away from the jetty of security. I can feel it when I close my eyes, when the world waxes taciturn. I close them now…and it’s there. Seemingly gentle ripples gradually pulling me away. The water rocking my craft into the unknown. I’m being drawn off the docks in the opposite direction of the storm. Into calm, indifferent and vacant waters.

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Hello my old heart
How have you been?
Are you still there inside my chest?
I’ve been so worried, you’ve been so still
Barely beating at all

Oh, don’t leave me here alone
Don’t tell me that we’ve grown for having loved a little while
Oh, I don’t wanna be alone
I wanna find a home and I wanna share it with you

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